Who Is Trevor Martin?


My biography-


I was born with the gift of clairvoyants.I have been studying energy and spirituality while morphing it into my life for a good eight or so years now. As a child I didn’t know I had the gift, I was just the way I was and lived with it. As an empath I knew many things. When trouble was coming and when people were trouble.


My emotions were so high in my prepubescent years that I was picked on for being “too sensitive”. Can’t tell you how many times I went home crying or got punched for being “soft”. I was born like this, I just never saw the pull to hurt others or be violent, never played sports and never involved myself in anything that involved competition or ranking systems.


As a youth I started to see I was different, so I began to see the benefit of being alone and grounding myself in my own energy. As a teen In to my early twenties I masked my energy overload with drinking and partying. I never understood why I walked into a bar and was overwhelmed with a very unstable feeling. Drinking helped. To this day there are times ( no one knows this) when I am so overcome with other peoples energies that my emotions go haywire. My words don’t come out right, I may trip over my words or trip over my feet.


When highschool ended I began using art as an avenue of releasing this energy. Through music I gained a new life. I never felt anything like I felt when pouring my feelings out. It made me softer, I released my childhood pain and I began to love more. I made a jingle for a huge company, had a solo demo on ITunes. It was the first time I ever knew I could be something.


I spent some years as a very devout Christian, to the point where I wanted to be a pastor for the youth, but I expanded. I had to go deeper down the rabbit whole, I had to keep asking


“Why do I feel this way?”


From there I have studied almost everything that has to do with spirituality and philosophy, manifestation, dreams, Eastern religion,conspiracies,spirits,dimensions,aliens etc etc etc .


When the huge shift occured around twenty four I began to grab a slight hold of my dreams. This is when I began discussions with spirit guides. As most mediums, I had no where to turn really, so I went inward, and to other worlds to get my answers.


Now I am here to help assist others. Of course I’m learning still. But that is why I began readings. To grow and help others grow in the process. For my whole life I’ve tried to live a “normal” life. But I am not normal. So now I’ve made the decision to live this path to its fullest and love myself every step of the way.


My life story. Thank you for being a character on the pages of my journey.


– Trevor Martin


Feel more than free to contact me about anything.

My email – trevormartin030@gmail.com

My Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/trevormakesensemartin

My Music – https://soundcloud.com/makesense-aka-anew

My YouTube videos – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBmJQlpZdmGP7jbtTnbOpkQ/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=1&view=0


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