Do you believe in magic? – By Trevor Martin

fairytale land


So much of life is experienced with others. There are many times when couples,friends and family see and experience beautiful magical moments together, the unthinkable, miracles, things that cant be explained. But then there is you, me and the lives we live within ourselves, behind these eyes.

Many things we experienced our only for us. There is this battle within us that tells us that if we don’t share these magical experiences with someone somehow, that they are insignificant, less real, worthless in fact. So we shut them away, deny moments when reality seems to slip into the realm of unreal, amazing and brings us to the place of fairy tales. We are like a coma patient who has awoke with amnesia and we cannot remember what it was to see the magic within us that we experience day to day. This all stems back to us not feeling whole within ourselves, alone, but that’s not what this story is about.

This story is about the movies,this story is about heroic video games, this story is about the shows, this story is about dreams, this story is about the books that you were read during story time as a child, this story is about real life magic that we have come to disbelieve as we get older. As children we listen to our teachers read us the story of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and in our heads we build this fabulous tale of what we believe that magical land to be like, and in turn we place ourselves in that land, and it feels fantastic, to the extent that we go into our parents wardrobes and try to find that land just beyond the coats.

We tend to carry this world of fantasy with us through the early school years, but once the real world hits we begin to become broken as pain,bills,debt,divorce, death of loved ones sets in. We are told as kids that we can become anything we want, have anything we want, until we hit this magical age around our twenties where we are told that we cannot be anything, that life is hard, to “deal with it”. And we become the patient with amnesia, stuck in a cell, stuck with doctors who feed us pills and promise they will make us happy, when all we are doing is numbing ourselves to not see the cell that is our lives.

And like Peter Pan we grow up and forget the magic that is and has been real the whole time. The childlike pull for adventure, the youthful respect for love, the urge to see new things and explore never before seen lands, we forget. Like Wendy and Tinkerbell did for Peter in the movie Hook, we need to be shaken up sometimes by an outside force to make us remember who we were before the adventure ended, who we were before people convinced us we need to “grow up”.

Now lets go back to  the beginning. This magic is real. not so sure about glass slippers and pumpkin stage coaches but we can get pretty close. Life can be so dark if we allow our story to be painted in such a fashion, or life can be the most magical tale ever told, through your eyes, right before your eyes.

When we are thankful, when we are happy, we can sit back and actually see magic unfold right in front of us. But your inner child must come back, you must see the need to feel once again, to feel the excitement for life rather than fearing and hating what is happening. When you believe in magic you start to follow the yellow brick road that leads to more and more magic. Once on this road you can see that the people you meet, the jobs you get, the life you lead, is exactly what you had planned while in the vortex of adventure and wonder, sometimes you may even step back and say,

“Omg, this exact moment is how I planned it would be so many years ago”

And this, this is pure manifestation. As I stated before you can and will experience this magic with many others by your side, but often you will notice its mystery is just for you, its like God looks down upon you and says,

“This my boy/girl, this one’s just for you”

Allow yourself to see it, do not ever close yourself off to the beauty that is given to you, for the more you see the more will be created, to the point where all there is is adventure, and all there is is magic,love and the happiness that is the power of creating.

But Peter, you must never grow up, and Alice, you must never stop going down that rabbit hole.

– Trev



3 responses to “Do you believe in magic? – By Trevor Martin

  1. I Absolutely Do, in True Magic, the White Kind, that lies at the Spiritual Core of every Human Being. I found your post this morning and Salute You Beautiful Trev for having the Courage to Express Your True Nature.

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