The Vault and the Ladybug

Vault_door_CA1The Vault and the Lady Bug

Imagine if you will.

One day you are driving and get in a horrible car accident. You go in to a coma. When you awaken you are struck with amnesia, in a vault underground.

Who am I? How do I act? How should I survive? Who are my friends? What am I good at? What is this? How do I do or know anything?

A man comes in to your room. He is wearing glasses, dressed in fine clothing, he has a soft voice, a leader type. You trust him. Shoot he is all you can trust.

He begins to tell you that while you were in a Coma the world ended, people became frantic, bombs littered the earth spilling poison everywhere. There is nothing but death and disease outside the vault. There are people who occasionally knock at the big heavy vault door to be let in. He tells you to NEVER let anyone in, because they have a plague, they are cannibals, they will ruin everything he has created.

He pulls a tiny notebook from his chest pocket. In this notebook is who you are. He tells you what your good at. He tells you what you believe in. He tells you what love is. He tells you how to live, what to eat, gives you a schedule. And tells you as long as you follow his rules, you’ll be safe and comfortable .

Days, weeks, months pass.

You start to ask yourself if who he told you you were was legit. “Why does he make me work all day, and then tells me it’s for my own good, how is who he told me I was me, if I don’t feel right about it?”

You begin to feel uneasy.

One night as all the vault dwellers are sleeping you see a little lady bug crawling right below your bed. You wonder.

“A lady bug?! Down here? She should be dead!”

You see her walking out and down the hall, you follow. It’s so dark but you can see a slight glare coming off her shell. She leads you right to the clunky vault door. To your surprise it’s not even locked……. You open it.

The door slowly slides open. Your eyes are blinded by beautiful light…

But wait…

“There are no crazy people out here! There were no bombs dropped! No one’s going to eat me! There is beauty and life here! There is a whole new existence and reality!”

Panic sets in. You realize that this whole time you had been lead astray. You have been bamboozled, lied to and made in to a false image to support this man, the man.

But you are scared.

” How will I relearn everything!!?? How do I live out here!!??”

You begin to question whether it’s better to stay inside, living a lie, comforted, or to go out into the world and live according to your free will.

This is your life. The vault and leader is the news, “the man” and the society in which you were born in to. The lady bug is your inner voice through the darkness, your spirit. The vault door is the space between your slavery and freedom.

What will you do?

– Trev


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