Marriage- again

I can’t put my finger on it. I, a man never married, can’t see what it is about a legal marriage that makes it better than a relationship. Since everything in a marriage can be done without all the money and legal binding, then why not just keep it basic? Divorce rates are sky rocketing, the amount of heartache and loss of money from a divorce, people bound by law even when they are so lonely and miserable being married, yet we continue to use a broken system.

To bind someone , to chain someone to the government and yourself, that seems to be more controlling and possessive than it seems to be loving.

It just seems to me like its a set up to fail. And not to be sexist but the failure will mostly fall on the man, for he will lose everything in a divorce.


One response to “Marriage- again

  1. TRUST is ALL ♡
    Love and faith go hand in hand, a marraige must happen in spirit first as together soulmates stand… a piece of paper is nothing without true honour… there is nothing to lose and all that is yours is yours 🙂 Always

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