The strangest part

Through everything

Through all the studying and researching life and life after death,spirituality etc etc, there is one thing I think I have come to that I stand firm on.

No one really knows what’s going on here, this place. We ALL, me, YOU, all of us have these boxes and thoughts that just give us feelings to keep going and smiling.

Smiling is good, happy is good.

But its so strange that we are here, now, pooping,sexting, texting, working, sleeping, and we have no idea why lol

As I always say

Something IS going on here, something supernatural, but I don’t think its meant to be figured out.

Just look at all of the millions of firm “only truths” that there are

Lol that alone should make you laugh, and we keep going about our days believing that shit hahhah. Yet we have to believe in something, to give ourselves a reason to have a reason, a reason to strive for a better something.

A reason to smile, we all like that.

Maybe that’s my only religion, smile, I believe in that shit


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