Ferguson- Honestly


I don’t listen or watch the news but what I hear and know little about irritates me. Yet, even what we hear to be the story, may be a stretch, so who really knows what happened.

Yet, black folks( and a small amount of whities) go out and riot…

Worst part of it is as a white American, I cannot always speak out against African Americans and the negative stuff I see them ( not all of them) do, and have done to “my people”, as they always state.

For the most part most white people will never speak about the wrong that has been done against us by African Americans in fear of the racism card being pulled, seeming as if black folks are waiting for the moment to jump down a white persons throat for saying they did anything wrong, lord forbid we do that…

So black folks are mad at injustice, mad at the breaking of laws which (may have) happened against a black guy…. So they go break the law and steal shit and burn buildings down, and hurt people…..

Anyone see the irony? Anyone?

In the news since this whole black on white battle started with what’s his name some time ago, Treyvon?, white people have been beaten, humiliated,robbed, stabbed etc.

Who rioted over that?
What news station made a huge fuss about that?
What white crowd stood up to say

” Stop looking at us and picking on us like we are the weaker species! Stop mistreating us for some stupid excuse you use for needing revenge!”

Who? Who’s going to say it?

Who is going to say that now( secretly) companies(some) fear the letting go of black employees because of the repercussions that may come down on them, even if the person deserved to be terminated, we are actually in fear of making logical decisions because of some peoples ignorance..

I am not a racist on a huge scale, I wouldn’t even call myself one even though after this I may be called one.

I just call it like I see it, if a black person is stupid, they’re stupid, if a white person is stupid, yep, they too are stupid. This just happens to be something I’ve wanted to write about for a long time.

And this is about the racism I see towards white people, and against us.

I don’t think anyone should be treated special or like shit, just because of their color.

And another thing, I know cops(some) have taken their power to insane places and have done unspeakable things to some people. But if they are doing wrong to people, we need to stand up and fight for people, not just cry and bitch when our own colors are hurt, that IS racism, that is bias, and that is what I have been seeing amongst many black people.

I’m just so tired of hearing about this black rage shit. Sometimes I think black folks want to keep racism alive, seems to me like they are the ones dragging it on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and onnnnnnnn.


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