“Stop checking me out”

You seem like you have a purpose, you want to be seen. Yet when I look at you you’re upset that I gazed. Every piece of you is magnified, every little crease and curve, and I wonder if you are aware of it.

As if you were naked, like clothes didn’t exist at all. I mean, its like throwing meat in a jungle. I see your privates, yet we are a private society. You’re like porn, walking porn, but with the black barcode over the no no spots.

Yoga pants… What are you trying to do here?


One response to ““Stop checking me out”

  1. Reblogged this on julerestor8 and commented:
    Free to move free to expand flexibly and also contract, being wildly open, out there flamboyant at the same time retreating within, free to choose how I am every moment dream thought word act.
    You’re free also to look to admire to judge to conspire, much as you dare, all elements here are present, including pure fire.
    So while the voyeur is accepted a clear line is drawn, sacred space protected for only love may enter the paradise gates of pre-dawn ♡

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