My diary-The book of Trev

I write because I think too much and it alleviates some of the bombardment of ideas.

This is my dairy, and for some reason I decided at the age of 22 to write my dairy to the world.


Probably for attention that I seek, I guess, in one way or another.

Sometimes I am so happy, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m stressed and just want to discuss what I’m feeling in the moment. This is a  combination of all my inner thoughts and emotions. My ideas change from week, or month to month, for some things I’ve written may not fit me in the now, right now.

I plan to keep changing, yet I plan to hold on to the pieces of me that will benefit myself and others in the long run.

And lots of it will be written.

Someday I will be gone, and perhaps the book of Trev will live on.

– Trev


2 responses to “My diary-The book of Trev

  1. I’m not sure if I said this before, but I am so greatful to you for your sharing has inspired me to write again! I loved to write and kept diaries during my childhood, but put those things aside in the business of “growing up”. ThankingYou xox

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