What 2014 taught me

In the few years leading up to 2014 I spent a lot of time searching and studying life and everything under the sun. This year I came to the conclusion that “ok, so there is all this stuff, ideas, religions, ways to love and live etc etc, but who do I, ME, who do I want to be?” And I focused on that.

I’ve come to a place where no matter what sounds realistic, no matter what sounds better or worse for me, I’m going to go down the path that serves me and the people I love the most.

And I think I realized I need and want to seek less attention from the world, I just feel like the things we do, the things I do, to gain attention, have often times been damaging in one way or another.

Can I just be?

I think so.

Can I trust myself to be, and take care of the real here and now that matters in the long run?

I can.

2014 taught me, or began a true teaching, of how to be content and thankful for what I have. It taught me that I can strive for more, but that I am only able to do what I can, and to be proud of what I can do and manage.

Everyday I used to look for something more, wanted to be more than I was, now I am beginning to love what I have 8)

– Trev


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