The land of make believe

I do believe everyone has the right to believe what they want.

But I am allowed to disagree or not believe myself.

Its funny to me that Christians can call alien believers crazy, or the other way around. Its ironic that a law of attraction new agey person who believes in tree spirits could call someone crazy who practices Islam.

All of that stuff has no proof, at least no large scale proof. They are all things we believe with no fact at all. Most created to make us feel better about life and dying/death.

Its so funny when someone has no logical argument as to why they believe something, except ” I just have faith, I feel it”. That literally means nothing lol

This game of life is so silly, could all be real, could all be make believe.

I’ve decided to stay neutral, I’ve decided to not get too caught up in either fairy tale idea, but I’ll also never say never. Seems better for my mental health.

– Trev


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