Overcoming obstacles – By Trevor Martin


I often contemplate existence and whether there is something after this, a God, and if there is a grand point to this all.

Yesterday I had a thought, if there is a point, or something higher we are striving for, I feel it may be to overcome obstacles. It seems like no matter the person, sex, race or religion, we all must face situations day after day that can cause us to lose who we are, to forget our integrity, identity, to become a person we, deep down, do not want to be.

Yet, if we want to remain whole inside, we must fight these outside forces.

Lets look at a few examples of outside circumstance.

We areĀ bombarded with advertisements that have us hating ourselves

“You’re to fat”

“You’re not attractive enough”

You’re not smart enough”

etc etc.

Everything pulls us to look at the world through the eyes of an animal.

“Fuck everything that walks, dog eat dog, you are never enough”

Is what they tell us.

This post is really an off branch of what I have been posting lately.

If I fell to what I see around me, if I gave in to what I am bombarded with, I would be nothing that my future self would be proud of. We all justify why we act the way we do, but people around us and advertisements can be so convincing that after we are drowned by the words of this outside source that believes so much what it believes, we too start to believe what they think to be truth.

Its hard to hear things over and over and over again without it becoming a part of your truth and thought process. Yet, I have learned to block things out, delete people from my life, stay away from harmful ideas and morals. My goal is to be so in love with who I want to become, that I do not let these sources topple, or crack my structure I have come to build. Took me many years to get here, and it will be something I will forever shield and protect.

– Trevie


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