I recently deleted my Facebook account.

There was a time a few years ago, when I went through what I thought was an ” awakening “, the new age idea that out of nowhere one becomes somewhat enlightened.

I wanted to denounce society, money, working for the government, most social structures, wanted to go live in a commune with minimal new agey people etc.

Long story short I sold everything I owned, including cars, animals, my music studio etc, and decided to ” Think, imagine, manifest” my way, without having to be enslaved by the hand of the man.

I went internet and began writing, ebooks, self help pieces, pushing to be a life coach, doing internet shows, trying to find a way out.

I made a persona through Facebook, met ” friends” on there, spent every day entrenched in social media.

After years of being broke and alone I came to the idea that not only had I lost myself in search of spirituality, I had lost myself in social media, to the point where I thought it was more important than my real personal interactions with people.

My personal love, and relationships died.

I somehow thought that I would make some miraculous leap out of societal norms, by meeting someone online who could ease my pain, of feeling like I was better than everyone around me in my personal life. Tried to leave the state, the country etc. With no luck, and when the chances came, it was bad luck.

I missed society, missed personal interaction, and missed working for my money.

I deleted Facebook the other day because of how much I lost myself in it. Spending time online doing stupid shit like, looking at pictures of hot chicks, having worthless philosophical arguments, nothing with any real substance.

An internet social life, internet friends, are about as close to us as the sun.

Now is a time for me to focus on a relationship, my job, and the real personal life that is me. I will still be writing with WordPress, and I will be reading your personal writings, its what I love to do.

But no more getting lost in all the other meaningless bullshit.

– Trevie


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