People love

Remember leaving people behind because of a few bad apples isn’t healthy all the time.

We need each other,human interaction under the right circumstance is beautiful. Love,laughing,companionship,fun etc. Humans are everywhere,take it from me,I’ve spent a lot of time alone the past few years. I missed that connection with others.

Introversion is good to an extent to come back to yourself and reflect,but to much will alienate yourself until you no longer feel a connection to anyone,until you have become numb to relations.

I have to battle introversion on a daily bases for the simple fact that I went to far into myself and I lost the deep connection I longed for.

There is a thin line between introspection,self reflection, and pure alienation.

Be careful how far you drift away.

Humans are pretty cool, my best times and memories were not alone,they were shared with people I love and care about.


– Trevie


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