Love behind the eyes

Love and life

I talk a lot of shit,and I know I often go on negative rants.


I, as many people,shift my perspective often ( To much I might add).

I go through man thoughts about relationships.

“Its holding me back, why commit to one person, should this one be my last and always, is it worth it, will I be better off, or stronger, as a single person?” Etc etc.

And then here I am,single,and that’s not a sob story it just places me in a different perspective.

When all is said and done, when the Facebook rants are done,when the negative justifications fade away, I am here with how I feel deeply,and truly,without the mask.

I’m not a partier,  I do not want to live a polyamorous lifestyle, contrary to my sexual posts,I don’t sleep around, and honestly, I don’t want to.

So I keep coming back to love, the cute shit, no matter how much I try and run from it, it always finds me.

Caring for someone, making dinners together, good meaningful sex, nights in watching Dexter, days out sightseeing or just driving together, sweet meaningful words and gestures, inside jokes, true sharing of ones heart and beliefs.

I want it, I want that.

Its just so hard for me to look at the world and believe in can be true. Yet, I will, when the day is done, keep trying for it.

And after all the shit I talk about relationships, if you are in one, and its genuine and caring, I tip my hat to you sir and or miss.



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