Stream based living

Fucking technology. I’ll be the first to say I love it,but we have become computerized identities. Even while I write this, I still say I shouldn’t be writing this lol

Super hero’s. Here to save the world one meme at a time.

I think everyone wants to say something. I think before internet people actually spoke less, because we fear so much what peoples reactions will be in person,after I speak what is deep within me.

The internet has given us a chance to speak. The internet has given way to a new breed of expression. Now you CAN talk,and let’s say

Your girl won’t look like shes bored.

Your man can’t say you’re too emotional.

Your friends or mate can’t say you’re over reacting or ” thinking too much” ( I personally hate that one)


The internet has done huge things for the expression of man.

Yet it has taken us away from some seriously needed human interaction.

Its wild.

Look at your page,the people you know.. They’ve literally built up an internet persona.

I mean honestly.

What the fuck is snap chat? An app made to show people,who are not around you, What your sleepy face looks like? What your cat looks like sleeping in a vase!? Wtf? All we do is internet stream based.

People ask me ” You have snap chat?”

Fuck no I don’t have snap chat hHaahha I honestly don’t care what that spider looks like or what your toe looked like after it got slammed in the car door.

Now,if you’re gonna show me dirty,nasty pictures,I’ll get snap chat, because I’m classy,if not,that shit sounds dumb.

If I see another person taking a pic of a duck face or rolling their eyes,just so they can send someone a pic of them rolling their eyes, so the person knows they rolled their eyes…..

I’m going to sell your organs on the black market.

The goods the bads.


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