The man behind the words

I am here to point the finger. Of course,why not,I speak what I see.


I know when I point the finger,three more point back at me. Duh,I’m talking about myself too when I point out issues,or great things I see in the world,I am human, I’m all of these things too.

And Duh I’m on Facebook a lot lol For those of you who have stayed around all these years,you know I’ve been writing for forever,music,poetry,books etc. Its what I do.

For the most part I do not go around in my personal life approaching people and ranting or calling them stupid,or telling them life’s an illusion lol

Unfortunately I have not found an outlet in my day to day life(besides blogging) where I can speak these wild ideas,share,help, and break peoples structures they have created.

Besides having a dirty ass mouth Im pretty normal day to day.

Many people cannot take my bluntness and honesty I spew over the interwebs, yet I feel it must be done.

Im a thinker, I think,I look,and I listen, and I see that life is just strange lol I cannot honestly go around and act as if I don’t feel this and see this.

So,if you’re still around,commenting,relating to me,saying thank you,or having personal conversations with me,or just reading ( I guess there are a lot of you that read and never comment or speak to me), I thank you for taking this journey with me as I grow and try to peel apart the layers of reality and everything wrapped in it.



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