I don’t think women and men can be close friends most of the time,someone usually ends up catching feelings, they may not ever say it,may even deny it,but in most cases I’ve seen strange awkward things come from it.

This doesn’t mean men and women can’t be acquaintances, seeing and saying hi to each other here or there,but I feel once pure quality time is given to the opposite sex,some type of feelings grow.

Males and females are born and breed to procreate . You hang with someone,get to know their heart,what they think about the world and sex… And things seem to happen, shit gets real.

Every time I hear a girl say ” This guy is my best friend, blah blah blah” .. It makes me laugh because I know there is some hidden agenda on one or both parts. And what I’ve seen in 99% of these situations,they have had sex,or one wants too.

Maybe its just me. Maybe I’m immature.

To state it differently,I think people of opposite sexes can be friends,I do, but I do think there will always be some underlying feelings.

I mean I think we are born to have deep feelings,I’m not saying its bad,its just there.

Trev Trev


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