Feelings have no bounds

I think a more realistic way to phrase my thoughts of my last post should go as follows.

I think we want each other. I think we have amazing deep feelings within ourselves to connect deeply to as many people as we can.

The reason why I question life relations and marriage is because those things are just acts.

But when I hear people say ” I only feel this way about my one and only,I only ever think about this one person,I only think about having sex with this one person,I genuinely only want to feel this way about this one person forever”

I just can’t fully process and believe it.

I think wanting it is one thing,and maybe even honorable in some human way.

The problem is we think its not honorable to feel for everyone. You can be gay or straight, doesn’t matter, I’m sure your feelings are so huge.

The feelings that we hold within us are so enormous and I think we put them at bay,hide them, in fear of some judgment by some vengeful God.

I can’t put a finger on how its supposed to work.

All I’m saying is I think we are lying to ourselves.

I don’t want to lie to myself or others.

This is why I speak

– Trev Trev


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