Solipsism bleeds from everywhere, for I don’t know what’s real
Study a little study and you will know the deal
If this is all illusion,how do I grasp a dream
For I am always sleeping, nothing is what it seems
Insanity or genius, I’m not sure what to say
Happiness in night time, happiness in day
But I don’t live in sorrow,something keeps me whole
Used to hide in wide drunk nights,weed up in a bowl
But now I’m mostly sober,and I see the light
And I see that I can see,through darkness and the light
But how do I relate to pawns, and many flocking herds
I see you, I see through, selling points and verbs
So this man sits upon his ship,a watcher I must say
Watching time, I sing my rhymes,as robots mask their days.

Where did that come from? Hahaha



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