Everything is sales- By Trevor Martin

Life is sales, everything is sold, you just don’t see it that way.

Everyday you sell your product. You express the benefits and function of your product, you justify why its worth buying. You bend the fragile fabric of the universe to sell a product to the masses.

When someone is not buying,you offer incentives and rebates which lower the value of the product,yet you gain a sale regardless. If you can not sell your product at list price, you will “whore” it out to at least hit your numbers at the end of the month..

Guess what.

The product is you. People hate money,hate sales,hate advertising, hate that “sex sells” ,yet everyone at every minute of the day,is selling the product of self.

” I am this so my job should buy me, I offer this,so this man or woman should be with me, I have this or that trait so friends should like me and want to be around me, I prove I’m religious to the world so now people see me as a person of God,that raises my worth”

I could go on and on,even a depressed person is selling there sad upset product.

Because everything we do is outwards to the world. If we didn’t want to sell our product,if anyone was truly selfless we would never say  anything at all.

I ALWAYS here people talk of selfless acts,yet everything we do comes from the inside to show the outside us.

We are always motivated by “me”

Everything is sales.


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