I Gave


I Gave

We often do things to acquire other things.

” I gave this,now I expect something in return”

Often times though I look at it like this.

When a relationship “fails” , when I put forth effort to turn a slight butterfly tummy feeling,into something more meaty, and it ends, I do not regret what I put forth in the moment.

I gave.

If you are a friend, and you care about me, I will give myself to you. I will be caring, we will laugh and have fun, I will respect you. But if in the end, we part for whatever reason may come, I do not feel like I gained a lose for putting in the time to get to know someone, to feel a little more life,if only for a moment. You may move away, we may have ended on bad terms, but just because there is no long term benefit, does not mean I regret putting forth the effort. Because.

I gave.

I have loved and I have lost. I have hurt and I’ve been hurt. But when I give myself to the opposite sex,if only for a moment, and if it does not turn out that I reap so much,I do not regret giving a piece of myself to the moment.

It is not like we have a limited supply of love or laughs or kindness to share, so why would I ever regret giving it away freely? As a seed floats through the sky to fertilize the nearest ground,it never wonders what it will attain, because the goal in the moment is to connect with what it means to be alive,to share. If no plant is grown, the seed still gave.

In each moment I give,so when that moment ends I feel not much sadness because I know there was a connect for a moment in time.

When you give,that can never be taken away. And by not receiving some long term goal, that does not mean what you Gave was in vain.



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