The path is narrow


Matthew 7:13
“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it!”

This is for you

This is for men, yet anyone can take something from it

I see so many men suffer.

We call them dogs, we call them sinners, slime, users, and in some instances this may be who and what they are…


We live in a society where stability and self control are frowned upon,honesty,faithfulness, are not rewarded,because they are just expected.

Can many people brag about sobriety without looking like a “bitch”? Can one be faithful, can one enjoy fucking his own girl, without being ” pussy whipped”?

You see, if I go about my days really fuck’n, random girls mouths and or vaginas, I show pictures of their boobies and or shaved vaginas to my friends. I brag about the selections in my collections to males and or females,what happens with the majority of society?

Men want to be you, they live vicariously through you, they want to hang with you because ” that is where the pussy is at”, they praise you, they often times reward the behavior, they ask ” how do you do it?”  And when the day is done and the deeds are done, they wait impatiently for the next epic tale of how you went to pound town on the most recent tail.

Women, how do they respond to such epic tales?

Well, often times the same way with a different approach. You see, when I was a teenager an old friend said to me, ” I always thought if I told girls how much I was fuck’n, that they would run away, but for some reason the more I tell them about myself and other women, the more they want to fuck”

This, in many cases, is the case. What you live, lives. If women see that you want to fuck, they will want to fuck, and to go further, they see that you have conquered so many other territories( vaginas), and they will want to join in on the parade. You see, we live in a society that follows groups, if you have a group of girls on your jock, more will follow, for leaders are not always leading in ways you would assume.

The question is what?

“If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?”

The answers yes most of the time. We have seen this over and over throughout our lives on grand scales and in our own little worlds.

If I got drunk every day, got high all the time, and partied my days away, how would most of society view me?

They would love me, they would promote my over indulgence. Have you seen or heard of people over dosing? Do you think many of their friends were there to tell them to chill?

I think not.

People who can really drink are put on thrones, people who get fucked up ” are so fucking cool”

Now turn those two personas around.

If I loved my wife, my kids and my family. I bragged about them, I went out of my way for my wife and kids, I loved fucking my wife, how much of society would want to hear those stories?

They are considered boring, they don’t have the “epicness” to them.

If any drug, weed,coke,heroin,pills,alcohol etc made me feel like shit, and I preferred to be sober more often than not, how much of society would really raise me up for that?

You know, I knew a girl once who told me these words.

” I hate Facebook, because I see people post about how much they love their kids and husband, pictures of their family times and shit, and it makes me crazy, mainly because they have what I don’t, I delete happy people ”

Misery loves company my friends.

So, for one to be sober and faithful, YOU must become a leader, you must know that, as many holy books say, the narrow path is not always smiled upon. You must not look for prizes but know that what you believe in, who you want to be, how you want to treat people, is so honorable, is so good for your today and tomorrow, that YOU WILL do it even if no one will follow you.

Jesus died for being good, Martin Luther was killed, when Malcolm X decided to turn himself around for the well being of all, he was killed.

“Why should he be happy and treated great, when I am not”

We can be anything. This is for men or women. We must have such a pull from within, that we push through the walls of rejection.

For only people who want a positive change will pat your back, they will see you.

But most of the world can and will not change.

You can do better, you can be better.

Remember, its easy to follow the crowd, its easy to cheat, its easy to get fucked up all the time. The latter is “harder” to me, its way more strong to do the latter. It takes strength to build respect.

You can.


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