Be the change you wish to see


Be the change you wish to see

Is religion bad? No. Have people done bad things in the name of religion? Yes. But, we get angry at God, and we tend to go the opposite dire took of such search of divinity just because of a few bad things. If there is a God, he or she didnt , probably , aim for his way to go south. We ban the whole tree, for one bad fruit, we never eat of the chicken nugget for one bad bite of Grissel.

If you want to find God or search for something beyond us, don’t allow yourself to be pulled into polar alignment for the sake of revenge and anger.

Is money bad, no. Have people with money done horrible things with it? For sure. But, we hate the idea of it as a whole so we hate everyone whose got it, we judge them for the nice things they have. We have gone to the extent of being poor running from it, we resort to mooching off others so we don’t have to work. We beg for the next hand out. We barely survive, we struggle just because “if we had money, that would make us bad too, money doesn’t cause happiness, I don’t need it”. Then we are mad when we can’t afford diapers, healthcare, smokes, a half decent car. We hate it and ironically love it so much, we buy those pair of Jordan’s to look rich, but we are broke cause we spent money on things to make us rich, when we didn’t have the money to spend.

I say bull poop, if you want to be ” good” and have money, go out and get it! Show the world that great people can be well off too. Make the money and do something good for your kids,the poor,your husband,wife,mom,sister,yourself.

The moral of the story is nothing is cut and paste. You are who you create. You can do what shady people have done without being shady. You can love God and not use the idea to burden others. You can be a police officer and help people who need you. You can get into office and try to help the people in your community. You can be a teacher and teach truth instead of falsehood.

You can be who you want to be, its the American way.

It won’t be easy, no one said it would be….

But it will be worth it..

Peace and butt grease y’all.



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