“What is my purpose?”

What is your destiny? What are you supposed to be doing?

A piece of the problem is thinking there is something else to be, somewhere else to go. We fret and become anxious when wondering to much about who we are and what our purpose is. This takes away from the now and brings us back to a place of living in fear.

What is your path? Who are you supposed to be? What is your purpose?

Just be and let it be, don’t worry about reaching some place, let it go. Because when we let it go we come into our place naturally.

The issue is you think you have to fight for it, truth is, you already have what you’re looking for.

When you let go of thinking who you have to be, there you are, the true you. Nature, God, what have you, made it like this. There is a saying in Christianity “Let go and let God”, across the board, no matter what your belief is, these words move mountains. The higher power, what ever is higher than us, knows what is good for us, more than we ever could, as humans our minds are always clouded by a million obstacles, whatever is beyond is beyond a place of distraction.

Searching and being impatient in the long run becomes counter productive.

And the thing is this.

We think we know who we are supposed to be, we search for things aligning with the idea and come up short. What we think we want often is not at all what we want, the new emotion is fleeting. When we let go some natural balance seems to steer or guide to a place of something more substantial.

In the end, when we let go of who we think we are supposed to be, we revert back to self.


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