Have you noticed its always people without money who look down upon people with it?

You see, you form negative thoughts about money and everybody having to do with such looks dull, less advanced than you are, superficial.

” I am more because I don’t need those things, I am above others who have more because they do it for the love of others, I do not have things because I do not care what others think”.

These statements are filled with self righteousness.

You see? I have done inner work, for most of my life, especially my adult life. Do I want to live more comfortably? Fuck ya. Is that a sin? Not one bit.

Here lies the issue I stated with new age folks.

If I saw a man dressed as a woman, how many preconceived ideas could I have about such a person?

“Wow, they REALLY want to stand out, they really want people to see them, this will get them there. Do they have a deep seeded motive or underlining issue that causes them to act as such?”

That’s ignorant, for I could never know why someone does what they do. To say one thing is the reason for all is a weak minded thought process, for all perspectives are up for grabs.

You see? There is a war on the poor, a war against gays, a war against cross genders, a war against drugs, a war against men, women, the state, the government , and so on.

We want to find and dissolve what we think got us here. Find the problem and eradicate it. All those things are not the problem. But you see you have grouped a certain individual in a class of shame, shame on you for doing so. Shame on me for shaming you, who am I to judge?

Live the way you will, if you think money is the root of all evil,cool, but I’m gonna go get some money and upgrade some things to live more comfortably , for I believe I can, I deserve it.



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