Spirituality = Crazy Calvary


People want something to believe in so bad that whatever sounds good will be what they will follow.

Listen, I get it, if it makes you sleep better at night then that’s all that really matters, but people are losing their fucking minds searching for something higher than us.

You’re an alien, you speak to ascended masters, you talk to trees and laugh when they tell jokes. The position of the planets gives your cat diarrhea, and also gives you powers, your Facebook name is the name of a God or a description of one …. Etc.

And people are selling this shit, to other people who are poor because their mind is so far gone they cannot work or be in society anymore, justified by the fact that its society that’s wrong and crazy, not them. Ideas more justified by something quantum physics said or a quote from Albert Einstein.

Sometimes I speak completely honest, most of the time I sugar coat everything I say. This is me being real.

Its called narcissistic, its called sociopath, its called fucking stubborn. You can quote Einstein time and time again until your anus turns red, you can turn the Bible in to whatever you think it means, you can hum as much as you want to cause yourself to time travel or some shit, you can live under a bridge with a bunch of other new age people who are poor and mad at society, you can claim science proves that your mind state is legit….

But that doesn’t mean shit, Hitler thought he was justified, and he sure did lots of tests to prove it.

Try for one day to look at what you’re focusing on, you may find it to be bullshit, I sure did, and once again, I’m just happy I found a way out before I lost myself forever.

You might be this, you may be right about that, maybe you are related to the predator or ET, but …….. Maybe you’re wrong.



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