Growing up


Love is far from all that truly exists,terror, pain,heartache,death,lies, war, etc, but there is also balance it seems. There is giving, there is love, there are laughs,great sex,good men,good women, people who help each other, fun times, families who care, great food etc. Sadly, some have, for some reason, been born into the piece of the world that only incorporates that sadness and pain part.

It is indeed an authentic thought to see how we lived as children. No worries, ” mommy will fix it” no pain, “mommy is my doctor, no hunger, ” mommy is the best cooker”, at least that’s what I called my mom, and still do now.

It is not necessarily that our hopes and happiness get ripped away from us as we grow, but that is growth. There must be a day when we have to learn to be our own hero’s, or we would be weak forever, relying on others for our things and happiness.

With growth and adulthood come many beautiful things, freedom, no school, no one to tell me what I can and cannot do, that in Itself is such an amazing piece of growing. Then, if you so choose to, you can create your own family, teach them to love, show them what it is to smile, be the hero your parents were to you when you were young.

Its all a cycle, it goes around and around. Yet there are some who have non of the good parts.

Family-child molesters and addicts

And when they grow up some times the cycle continues.
They are addicts, do things to their kids, so on and so forth.

It makes sense that there would be a devil and an angel talked about in all holy books. This place, it is the most beautiful, loving, mysterious, terrifying nightmare imagined.


That’s my take.


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