A little about my writing


I had a really great conversation with a Christian man last night, for hours and it was very pleasant.

With that said.

Just because I write something about religion does not mean I hate religion or people involved in it and or them, as a matter of fact I see many reasons why people would believe such things, and have seen beautiful things done in the name of God.

Just because I happen to write or post a video about some of the bad things women do to men, does not mean I’m sexist and hate women. I love women, and actually like to treat them well, and honor them.

If I talk about the government in a negative fashion, this does not mean I hate the government, it only means I made a conscious decision to discuss some issues I see. Actually I think there is a lot of good in government and what they do for us, in protecting our personal things and families ..

I may talk “bad” about the military, this does not mean I hate everyone who serves and have no respect for them. There is honor to be found, and at times some heads need to roll in order to help some people out.

I am not so one sided as to only see the bad in a given sex or situation. There is good and bad in all, I just see full circle a lot of times, and depending on what the thought of the day is, that is what creates where we will go that day, for I am only human and my mind tends to wonder.


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