Why is the law of attraction bullshit?


I read all these new agey books, watched seminars, and videos depicting what life could be if you followed your bliss. Did all the crap it says you need to do, vision board, meditating on manifestation, no fear, no hatred. Blah blah blah, the do “what you would do if money were not a reality” thing.

I was so wrapped in all the fairy tale bliss that I knew nothing else but to follow it, just like religion does to people. Does not make it right or true, but if you engulf your life in anything, it will take you over.

So I thought, “OK, what would I like to do if I could live my dream?”. I dumped my 401k, quit my job and planned to travel the country doing what I love, writing,art,music, life coaching, meeting new people and exploring the country and world.

When it comes down to all this new age crap, this is what I’ve come to see.

Its all good and well to be happy and positive, its good and well to be nice to others and question everything, its also good to read and learn about why we are here and whats after. But if you think you can just wish your way into a life of fantasy, your gonna end up like a lot of the other new agey people I have run into, lost,broken,confused, and mad at the system they think is the enemy.

I had nothing for a long time while ” trying to manifest with the law of attraction.” People I trusted fucked me, even though I had nothing but good honest intentions in my heart. I had no cash once my 401k ran out, and I had to mooch off people just to survive. Not to mention I had to continuously make a habit of searching for handouts every single day, besides writing and coaching here and there, that was my job, search for someone who can help. Doesn’t this seem like what youre going through? Does this hit close to home?

It sounds good, I know, live free, do you, no worries. But look at the big picture. Let’s say you quit your job and decide to do the same type of thing. Where will you live with no money? Do you think everyone wants to accommodate you? Once you begin to live this life where is the money going to come from? And if you have no money how will you live without it? Are you going to think it into existence? Will you become the most amazing survivalist ever and learn to live off the land homeless bouncing around urban and or rural america?

Does any of this sound legit? No, I did what I wanted, with the purest intentions, and had not much to show for it but a learning experience. And if people say ” do it with no expectations ” that is just as bad as religion praying even though gods will says he chooses your outcome anyway.

Just look, I see you guys everyday following this shit. But if your not mooching off someone, living off an ex husband etc. How are you supporting yourself? Just because its “new agey and love and light” does not mean its not new crazy and shit and piss.

The only thread of truth I see in these teachings is that it is good to be good to people, but that does not mean good things will happen to you, I have lived and breathed it and have seen it with my own eyes.

There is such thing as reality and bullshit, sift through it friends.


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