Law of attraction bullshit part 2


Its bullshit in my eyes. Its not that anything has been left out of the teachings, and you just happen to be one in a million who has the missing piece. Its bullshit, another great sounding bullshit scheme. In the end, I know most of the law of attraction rules and laws, I didn’t miss anything left out, for god sakes I was obsessed with the idea of creating my own way everyday.

But here is the kicker, and I read this from another well written blog about this shit, that fucking water trick, come on, every person watched the same movie and has that one supposedly scientifically backed experiment, and believes it cause now “science says so”.


Listen, just cause you can say something is backed by another, in this case, supposedly the law of attraction is backed by quantum physics and this water bending test,does not make it so. Many people in the field actually say quantum physics in no way backs these magical fairytale claims made by the law of attraction. Quantum physics and the study of the makeup of reality is still very fucking young, and a lot of the shit is still blurry to most.

Hitler said that it was God who needed the world cleansed of Jews, does that make it so,does that make it “right”? No, because words are only words, putting two things together being backed by one cause that may be substantional, does not make the bullshit true!

Really, people believe this shit? How could I have?

Here is a simple scenario that cannot be argued with. Its bullshit like religion, that ” have fun and expect nothing ” type of lifestyle, cannot see something but you’re supposed to believe it.

The example: 

Let’s say a poor sick man walks into a store that is claiming to give away one million dollars, he needs it, he is sick and poor, he did all the hoakey law of attraction steps to get this money. Around the corner walks Jack Meholf, a man going somewhere. Jack did all of his vision boarding and had no expectations about getting anything, he also “undid” his old paradigm, all to still in the end go inside that store and get that fucking money, cause its all about the money. Who gets the money? Jack, who didn’t need it, he was healthy, rich and just wanted some more, but the poor sick man walked away with nothing again.

Who made the choice for Jacks “wishing” to work over the other man, who clearly needed it more? Is that the law of attraction energy at hand? Do bad things happen to people so the law of attraction can do good things for others? Did Jack just wish harder?

If both men did the law of attraction and only one can “win”, isnt that just like church and predestination? So what’s the point in prayer and or the law of attraction when some higher power makes the decision regardless of what you pray or magically wish for?

Anddddddd. There is no need to call it a new agey name like its something new. If we are saying “if you go and apply for jobs,you will most likely get jobs, if you sit and be lazy and wish for jobs,you prob won’t get a job”. That is just life, its not some magic law of attraction, its called cause and affect. Life is cause and affect, and the law of attraction sold us all by adding a bunch of other magically delicious bullshit to it.

Cause and affect, and sometimes just affect, that is the truth and only truth. We are not Gods as the movie what the bleep do we know suggests, something else steers this ship. All we can do is hold on for the ride and try not to lose our shit.



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