Life Hacking – By Trevor Martin


Our life situations tend to mold us into who we are. Like as things happen our brain, like a computer, downloads information and upgrades and downgrades who we are, depending on how you look at. Look at love and relationships for instance, if we are around couples who lie and cheat each other, fight, ruin each other, divorce etc, it can cause us to download files to our brain that are like viruses.

The key is to become a brain hacker. Learn to hack in to the parts of your mind that have caused you to fall, and delete those old cookies. Get an anti virus program for your brain and quarantine those parts. Because with my example of love, those pieces of the past that are negative can ruin our future for love, can have us only looking at it in a negative light.

Try to pick through what you really want and don’t want. Do you want love for instance? Then learn to delete those pieces and build a new program with how you want to feel. If we cannot learn to be life hackers then we will fall victim to our circumstances never leaving our shells. 8)


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