New age bullshit


This new age “love and light” shit gets old when real shit happens. Someone is very rude, hurts you or someone you love, steals, robs, cheats you, or you lose everything you own. These are times when that new age smile smile bullshit needs to be set aside,everything is not and cannot be peaches and cream all the time, and to go further everything is not love and light, there are some baddd people out there and rough things happen.

It’s OK to feel different emotions, switch temperature as the weather changes climate, be sad,be happy, get pissed, just feel. People need to get out of the “I’m too spiritually sound to ever feel anything but happiness and love” phase. It’s over played and a little creepy at times.

PS, get your head out of your ass, and that creepy wide-eyed new age, spiritual, religious over exaggerated smile of your face lol



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