Advice is the strangest thing ever.
I realized soon after my own self realization and studies of the world and the mind, that advice is often met with aggression. First issue is that usually if people don’t ask for advice, its not worth giving because they don’t want input, they want to think the way they do, right or wrong they are stone stuck in their own beliefs,like a gargoyle stuck on the corner of a rooftop.

The thing to look at is this. How long must we go to school to learn whatever subject? How long did it take for us to be potty trained,to learn how to produce music or create art? Some times years, it can take years to learn something, it can even take years to learn how to love and or live.

So this is the conclusion I’ve come to.

Advice is usually given once, perhaps after someone goes through a break up or divorce or a loved one passes away, or maybe someone gets arrested and we try and say some words to get them away from their lifestyle. One sentence, a few words, in most cases will not replace years of training that the person took to become how they are.

Most people need years of undoing to remap their whole brain and soul. Could be why years of counselling or life coaching are worth it. Tis why meds in some cases are bullshit, its not an imbalance, its a whole life that has been created and needs to be undone. I also think this is why short spurts of “help” or advise are met with brute force, because the person cannot even consciously comprehend another form form of thought.


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