The school of life- By Trev Trev McTrev


What if everyone is literally here to show you something, as in the world, what if some way the world was formed around you for you to see and watch and learn what it is to be alive, what it is to be human.

Not created so you can be perfect and never mess up, but to supply you with an endless amount of visual and audio knowledge to grow from.

Ironically it may or may not be like this, all humans but yourself are an illusion to show you things. Does that make them less important, no, because what you do for humans and how you treat them creates who you are. What if its all some sort of schooling simulation you plugged yourself into, while sitting in some upside down dimension drinking your hotdog?

Have you ever been in a moment, whether it be a song, or something someone said, or a person who treated you well, or a rough time, and thought “This was made for me, I was supposed to hear/see this” ? Perhaps it was made for you.

I stood alone smoking a cigarette and thought about all the drama I’ve seen outside of me. I thought about all the beauty I’ve seen. The people who have been kind to me, the people who have given me their all. And I thought about the people who have hurt or betrayed me.

Without all this, who would I be but nothing, but a mass of flesh with no heart and soul, but the wind with nothing to do but move.

Its a wild thought, and I don’t mean it in the form of “oh the world revolves around me so forget everyone else”, but what if? What if everything in this illusion is exactly placed like the puzzle patchwork of a butterfly’s wings to allow you to fly more.

Flying doesn’t mean be the hottest person, or the best at sports, or sex, or boxing, or to even be the nicest person, but made specifically to show you something.

And in the end we just choose what we want to take from it.


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