A Bug’s Life – By Trevor Martin



Little Timmy two shoes is happy because today he came home from school to find that his mother Gertrude had bought him an ant farm. As the sun fades and the light dims in his room, night time shows its face, so little Timmy two shoes goes sleepy time with a smile on his face.

Do ants sleep or are they awake at night? Who gives a shit.

For the sake of the story the night time is the right time. All the ants horses and all the ants men say goodbye to their wives and little egg sacks and head to work.

One Antennae Anthony is dig dig digging his path and begins to tell his co worker Bob about how he could have sworn he saw something big in the “sky”(outside of the cage in the bedroom). He says he is sure that something was out there to come and save them. Even one day he could have sworn that he saw a reflection on the glass. He began to contemplate where he was, what he was doing there, saying things like “Fucking holes bro, I dig holes all day, my wife wanted to fuck the other day and I actually told her I was too tired from digging holes, this cant be it, I’m pissed.”

One day One Antennae Anthony decides he is going to start shouting these thoughts and ideas when his co workers pass the dollar store orange fork laying in the sand. Every night when little Timmy Two Shoes went to sleep One Antennae Anthony would yell at the top of his lungs ” LOOK! THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE, THE, THE, THE SKY HAS AN OUTER LAYER TO IT(the lip of the cage, the rim, the lid), I THINK WE CAN GET OUT, AND I SAW SOMETHING OUT THERE, THIS WHOLE THING IS RIGGED”

One Antennae Anthony told everyone, then he got upset and also gained a wedgie from sitting on his high horse. He became angry at his fellow ants, he thought they were stupid, “they just dont see what I see, they are not awake enough”

Days,weeks, years, many turds later, One Antennae Anthony says hes finally going to do something about it.

He prays to the flying hands, he scientifically breaks down the rim of the cage and the lid.

He realizes all for nothing, all that fucking time spent looking too far into things, but in the end, One Antennae Anthony still goes about his day doing the same things all the other ants are doing, he is still in the cage, he still goes home to his bitching wife, his baby daughter still punches him in the dick and his teenage son has a secret sugar addiction that needs attention.

The moral of this drawn out worthless tale is this.

So you sit next to people who you claim are “asleep”. You think you have some upper hand because you are “awake”, you’ve seen the “hands of God”.

Yet you are still an ant playing a part in something that is soooooo big you can not even comprehend it, your words and knowledge are almost worthless, actually ya, the knowledge you think you’ve obtained is as important as an ant realizing it is in a cage.

Truth is, you are still sitting there doing the same things everyone else is, knowing, not knowing, does nothing really.

That is what awake means is it not? That you are above people who are asleep? If not then try to describe being awake without making others seem inferior…

How can other people, ants, be inferior or less awake then you when no one has any idea what is going on??

That is why I dont like the words, “Awake”, Enlightened” and “Saved” etc..


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