A Little About Me


A little about me


Honestly, I feel like I have been “different” since I was little. Though I have always had many friends, I seemed to be the one thinking different. When we were kids and the “boys” would do stupid shit like break into cars, fight other guys, hurt people, steal things etc, I never wanted anything to do with it, I always had a type of conscience that many others seemed not to exude around me.

As time went on, friends stabbed me in the back, my best friend died, and I started to look further into life. I became more introverted at that point, began to spend a lot of time alone and really got to know myself, began to think for myself especially.

I was raised in a Christian family so the thought of God was there as a youth, but I never gave a shit about religion, until the age of like 26 or something. At that time I became a Christian. I served in the church, heavily focused and studied all there is about the Bible and engulfed my whole life in and around Christ, even made a whole hip hop CD dedicated to Christianity.

As time went on I can say I studied myself out of religion, by seeing all the contradictions and really looking at how it made me feel, and how I viewed the world, I started to see the gap it caused in me and the “sinners” around me, I did not want to look at people like that. So I left the church and eventually totally denounced my faith.

I knew there was still something to life, reality, and the “bigger picture” though, so I began looking further into other ideas. I studied aliens, the afterlife, Egypt(the pyramids) other megaliths like Stone Hedge, Buddhism, Conspiracies, the Illuminate, Psychology, quantum physics, to name a few.

In the end Ive come to one conclusion.

Something is going on, besides this life, there is something else. Not sure what it is, but everyone thinks they have the answer, I don’t think any of us are smart enough to have that answer, but we all try.

So here I am, I write about it all because I like to ponder all the wonders of the world.

That is who I am, a guy who asks questions without fully saying Ive got the answers, because I think that will immediately close me off to anything else.



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