Contentment – By Trevor Martin


Life is what you want it to be. We all want to be somebody, whether it be a figure of light to inspire others, or it be someone who can just be seen by the masses. We always think ” I should be doing more, I am not doing enough.” And we see the grass as greener on the other side. But that is an issue in itself, the issue of “ME, can they see me?

But why do we feel we have to be in such high places? These are really all self gratifying things, in the end we want to do more because we want people to see us as someone who does more. “Where I am now, I am not doing enough, the impact is not big enough.” It is all good and well to want to be the change you want to see in the world, but believe me the grass isn’t always greener.

Question is can you be happy, can you be happy where you are at with what you have and what you are doing?

If not then sure I say make an adjustment to your circumstance. Worst case scenario you try to achieve a dream and it doesn’t happen, then you go back to square one.

Just do not think that you are less of a person because of your circumstance.

Do what you can, but just be content wherever this wild ride leads you, because to me, its not really up to you all the time where you end up, something guides and steers, change is the only constant.

But you are never really in control, knowing that will alleviate a lot of weight you place on yourself.

A Christ complex killed Christ, and it will kill you too if you let it, we cannot save everyone or all be the saints of the century.

But we can make a choice to be content with the blessings we have been given, No matter how big or small they may be.

– Trev


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