You Already Know – By Trevor Martin


I feel as if I already know the answers to things, I feel like you do too.

We have this internal G.P.S that guides us and steers us in a specific direction. If there is a “God” or higher self I believe it to be that. This thing, it knows us more than we know ourselves. It knows past, present and future, so listening to it is really key to preventing ourselves from unneeded situations and issues.

For example, if your relationship is in the shitter, you know that, you can feel it inside, when someone is hiding something from you, you now it, you have no idea why you know it, but you know it. But what we tend to do is take a piece of dog shit and paint it pretty colors and forget that its still shit, so no matter what color you paint an issue, it is still shit. So, what was the question? “Is my relationship fucked?”, and the answer that you had inside the whole time was “Yes”, yet you sugar coated things, fought the truth, the issue, and yet when it came crashing down, you said to yourself “I knew this from the get go, I knew it was a problem”.

The issue here is that life is easier than we think, you wonder if you should leave your job, you wonder if you should trust someone, you wonder whether your relationship is worth your time, these answers seem to always be there, yet we try and go around the truth, we try to change what we already know to be true, here lies the big issue. This is where denial comes in, this is when we stop listening to our gut instinct, our intuition.

For instance, I myself while coming out of Christianity knew that a lot of what I believed was harsh and wrong, making me feel bad and made me treat others with disrespect, yet I justified it by saying things like “But God wants me to be like this, these people need to know what I do so they change, if I am hurting them it is to help them see the ‘love’ of Christ”

But now I can see that the feelings I had were indeed true, what I was doing, how I felt about myself and others, the world, was negative and causing more heartache than happiness. So the feeling I had about Christ and the church, were indeed my intuition, but I did not want to listen, the outcome was of course a falling out of big proportion, could have been done lightly had I listened earlier, but ey, we live, we learn right?

Yet, we seem to question this inner voice a lot, which makes complete sense actually since we feel something out of no where for no reason at all, so naturally we don’t trust it, I mean every negative idea cannot be acted upon. Yet somethings we know we must do, we do not. The strangest thing about our intuition is it is usually right.

What I like to do now is remember how I felt about a given situation, and watch how it unfolds. Usually I see that I knew it would end in some certain way, I knew the direction it would progress and even though my internal G.P.S told me it was not something it would suggest I do, I did not listen and did it anyway, once again turning out exactly like I knew it would.

We, all of us are smarter than we give ourselves credit for, you know this!

– Trev


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