The Worship Of Demon Entities – By Trevor Martin


I cannot remember this story too much. But there is a story about a false guru that came to America and opened a retreat center. This center boasted the idea that enlightenment and awakening was only found by sexual pleasure, and so the place was filled with women who would pleasure this guy, not sure if they pleasured each other. From a distance, being a man, this may sound cool, its not, turns out aids found the camp and started killing people off, the false guru either died of aids or had to flee and go into hiding.

Come up with an insane set of rules people have to follow in order to find God, and if enough people follow, it becomes to norm, and everyone will hop on.

I look at all the ideas in this world, I look at religion and ideas such as drinking the blood and eating the body of a dead man who was, maybe, alive thousands of years ago. I think of sacrificing animals, killing millions of men women and children. I think of the religious ideas that have us degrading women, have us thinking we are slime for our natural nature, and my mind usual goes to some strange places.

There is the idea of the devil, there is the idea in some eastern practices that not only are there Gods, but there are also demonish entities out there that are also pulling for your devotion and unquestioned allegiance.

We do sick things in order to selfishly save ourselves from a death and an after life we know nothing about.

What if these “Gods” we worship are actually demon entities? I mean look at the sick things we do, look at the division and perverse things they cause in our society. It can make sense to me in some way that if something so high over us knew it could hide itself in holy books and practices to get people to follow it, it would do such a thing, by creating groups that seem to be “holy” and righteous, yet are in the background, insane.

Worth a thought I think. What if these were demons just looking to enslave humanity? What if this thing showed its true nature to you and you found it to be what nightmares are made of? It makes more sense to me, especially if angels and Gods are supposed to be extremely sacrificial to their cause, lacking jealousy and anger, they would never ask us to give them anything, our life, our family, others lives, our sexual nature, our worship, but they would give us everything without asking for things in return. These holy books and practices ARE completely contradictory in nature.

This picture depicts one of these beings. Look at this thing, huge, demon looking, stitched or stapled together, bio-mechanical in nature, kind of like the creatures created in the movie Virus or Hellraiser, yet, it still has humans it has convinced to worship it. But what if to them this demon looks like a carpenter with a beard?

I just think we are all so scared we run to whatever idea we can find to save us, never looking at all the horror behind it.

This post is not all aimed at religion, its aimed at everything that causes us to act in strange ways in order to reach some form of eternal divinity…..

– Trev


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