American Pie – By Trevor Martin


American Pie – By Trevor Martin

I love apple pie. I love all kinds of apple pie. But if I was to eat the same apple pie for lets say, 10 years straight, every meal, wouldn’t I get “tired” of it? I may still like the pie, I may still eat the pie, but it will lose its excitement it had in the beginning, so I may just eat the pie out of repetition since I’m used to it.

EVERYONE has always said “everything in moderation” well, my pie may get old and need to be moderated at some point. If it looked better would I want to eat more of it? If it tasted better would that have helped? If it was cheaper would that have helped? Or is just the fact that I got tired of eating the same damn pie everyday?

Is the pie always the same as the first time I ate it? Can you remember the first time you ate your favorite food? Does it do the same thing to you now? Is there not an intense excitement the first time you tried something for the first time?

Lets say some french apple pie came to mind, something different, I would have an insane urge to eat it. Not only is it new, but it comes with a whole new look, all around apple, but with a whole new twist and taste. May cost a little more, but the perks are oh so special.

The old pie did nothing wrong, unless it sat out for too long and got stale and old. But for the most part the pie was the same, it did not do anything wrong at all. It just got old, repetition gets old, happens with everything in life, why wouldn’t it happen with pie?

All jokes aside. If the saying is “Everything in moderation” why does that work for everything but marriage and sex? Shouldn’t we moderate how obsessed we get with someone? Shouldn’t we moderate how many times we have sex with the same person? Wouldn’t we assume that a life partner is TOOOOO MUCH to ask of someone? Is it moderation to ask someone to have sex with you… AND just for the rest of their lives? Same goes for Marriage…

Doesn’t “Everything in moderation” mean that when you do things over and over and over bad things happen? Has obsession and control poisoned the word love?


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