New Age Malarkey And “Love” – By Trevor Martin



This one idea is an over played new age religion. You know? There is perhaps an underlining “net” which connects all things butttt, we are all placed here in our own shell. So, we must act as such, there is a disconnect and there must be a reason for this. All this “love and light, we are one”, shit gets old. People are different, there is polarity, people will do harmful things, people will do amazing things. But as of now, in the now, I am me and you are you, and to an extent I am glad I am me and you are you, there is beauty in that. But when we play the “we are one” cheesy role, we forget that there is a disconnect naturally. And if we are one why does nothing suggest that?

In all near death experiences I have studied, all of them are still a solo entity when they pass on. They still experience death subjectively. So why then do we always say “We are one”? Are we one like one human race? One like we are all alive right now? Or one like we are all on this earth? Because when it comes to us being connected and literally being one being as a whole and or separate, that is as much a fact as Christ being baptized by John.

“Love and light”, this term makes me want to punch a grandmother in the eyebrow some times. First off its often said after someone makes a harsh judgement against someone as if their opinion is “truth”. This is an exact off branch of when Christians ridicule someone and then say ” I do it with the love of Christ, I say this because I love you”. People in these groups always say ” I love you”… Ok, prove it lol We are on the internet for the most part so how meaningful is that word to even be used like that? When people say they love me I take it as serious as I would a Family Guy episode. You dont know me, you are not going to be here on my death bed, you are not going to be my crutch when Ive fallen, and for the most part you are never going to show me anything to prove such love even exists.

This word love is making me angry, not because the thought of love makes me cringe, but because people have turned that word into something so thrown around, like tampons. and like tampons, how much blood and pain has been spilled in the name of love? I have been lied to, almost thrown out in the streets, robbed and totally bamboozled by this word, yet for some reason I keep giving it a chance, because a piece of me, like you, wants to feel like its real.

But you know, to be overly cheesy, to always spew words like ” I love you, love and light, there is only love, God is only love”, is an illusion of grandeur. There is polarity here, are you fucking blind to this? Are you really going to be so in the clouds that you believe there are not people out there that will stab your back in the name of love. Are you not aware that many people are hurting?

These words all sound good, and for the thought I’ll give you a little credit, but never forget that these are just words.

I will respect you, I will see you, I will speak to you, I will be as kind as I possibly can to you, but do not think for a second that I’ll take your words for truth.

If you love me, shit, make a donation lol Take me to fuckin Wildberry for breakfast, I fuckin love that place. If you love me, dont sugar coat shit to make me think you lack faults. If you love me, buy me the new Xbox one nigga lol

All jokes aside, I’m for real, I give you the benefit of the doubt, I WILL respect you no matter where you came from, but dont claim to have given me your heart, unless your willing to die for the cause.

I will say that I see through people. So putting up fronts, well shit, I was created to storm Normandy, soooo, I’m getting through, and I’ll either call yo ass out, or leave without a trace….

– Sincerely a slightly pissed off, let down Trev


2 responses to “New Age Malarkey And “Love” – By Trevor Martin

  1. “So why then do we always say “We are one”?”

    Probably because we all come from one source. Hard to see sometimes, as I think you have said, but true nevertheless. Maybe we see our oneness more clearly when we see the asshole in our brother or sister?

    “This word love is making me angry, not because the thought of love makes me cringe, but because people have turned that word into something so thrown around, like tampons. and like tampons, how much blood and pain has been spilled in the name of love?”

    Now that is vivid picture! 🙂

    Probably the “tampon” image was the single one thing that prompted me to make this largely useless reply.

    “I was created to storm Normandy…”

    Maybe you did?

    “there is polarity”

    Yep. We live in a world of duality. Hot/Cold. Good/Evil. Love/Hate. God/Devil. He/She. Light/Dark.

    Personally that is my pisser with a lot of New Agers. They refuse to see the real duality of existence. Some of them think if they get their shit just right they will just disappear and it will all go away like a bad dream.

    Yea, I can kind of resonate with what you are saying.

    Nevertheless there is a power beyond all this and when we align with it then a lot of things make more sense, even the less pleasant parts.

    God isn’t all powerful, all knowing, and maybe not even all-good (althought I guess if you are God what you want is by definition “good”?). But God is the only game in town, if you know what I mean. 🙂



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