The Love Game – By Trevor Martin


It seems that love, the love between two people in a relationship, has been made into a secret, controlling crutch.

Both sexes come into the relationship seemingly with ulterior motives.

Men (mostly) seem to be in it to have a constant supply of vagina, someone they know will be “clean” and devoted to them, since there is such a fear of disease in this world, many women feel the same, as I have seen and heard from many. Women are looking for some type of father figure to fill a gap of security, a live in security guard. Women also seem to be focused on birth, focused on the family, focused on the male being the “seed”. So even when we(Men) are told we look at women as “meat” for ass, women are looking at us as meat for procreation.

Look at marriage in itself. All aimed towards the woman. I love women and think they are wonderful, but why would something supposedly so “intertwined” be focused on one person? The man hardly has a say most of the time, yet shells out most of the money. Did you know that marriage actually started as a business proposition many many years ago? Families/ companies would want to merge and grow, so they would meet others families and join them together for financial reasons, building the business. money…. Thats how it started… business. What can you give me? How much can I boost my financial stability with this? And honestly, a lot of women are not in it for the money? Come on, lets be realllllly real here… Isn’t it funny that marriage is “bought” with an expensive ring??!! Oh the Irony.

Both parts seem to be looking for someone who can: keep them from being lonely, be there when they are sick, be there to make them feel better about death, feel better about themselves, keep them from being bored, make them feel like they are “worth it”, because for some reason society tells us that without someone we are not an active member of society.

Is true love “asking” someone to sign a piece of paper that holds them into binding law with you? Wouldn’t true love be allowing that person free will as to whether they want to be indebted to someone forever?

Love has turned into this very controlling, sick proposition, and everyone seems to think its so amazing. Just like government and religion.

Why is the divorce rate so high?

Well, my opinion is that people are very blinded by rose colored glasses. Lust, money, whatever it may be. But as with many things in this world these things are temporary. They rush( as I always see) to get married, get rings, houses, dogs, kids, then what happens? The lust runs out, the “well” runs dry, anndd things end, sometimes slowly but surely. Have you not heard that the number one reason people get divorced is financial reasons? Can you not see this pattern I’m suggesting?

There is also something called Terror management theory(look it up) that also suggests that we have this insane urge to have children, almost a creepy obsession, because we feel we have to keep things in this world after we pass to keep pieces of us alive, goes along with the fear of death. This is also why we build sky scrappers and create religions, to build are eternal wealth, and or our “legacy”. All for selfish reasons.

This is a scary world, life is changing, we fade with the days, we see turmoil all around us, we are insecure with ourselves and think we are not worthy, it is scary sometimes. But is that any reason to lock someone in that fear with you? Leech off of them so you can reap the benefits of feeling better? Why cant anyone be strong enough to build themselves, for themselves? Is that love? Is this what 99% of us think is realllllly legitimate? I not once have heard someone say they want another so they could give all of themselves.

“I, want to be loved & I, want to feel it & know what love is… I, want a gentleman that wants ME.” Have you not ever heard someone say to you” I, wish you were here, I’m lonely” I sure have. So wait, you want someone there because YOU are lonely, are people objects? We are told not to objectify women, yet we have made humans into objects, how can we look at each other any different?

Just please look at that statement and see it for what it is, can you see what that suggests? ME, what I need, someone to NEED ME, Someone to give ME…. PPshhh, selfish shellfish, hiding behind an image, a shell of denial, I’m not saying everyone’s like this, but 99.99999 percent of us need to get our heads out of our asses!

– Trev


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