Me, and my lovely buddy me – By Trevor Martin


If we rely on others for happiness we will surely be left hurting. There are many things in life I love and feel great about that no one else will ever experience, but part of life is that piece of ourselves that is ourselves. So to say moments are better when shared, or mean more, I would have to say nope.

No one will ever know what music means to me, no one. No one will ever know what women mean to me or how they have made me feel. No one but myself will know how much I really appreciate a kind person or a good conversation. No one will ever know how good it feels to me to write a song, to write a post for the internet, or to draw something for the first time and realize that I’m actually not that bad.

No one will know and be able to appreciate how blessed my life has been, and how much has been given to me, directly from people, whether it be love, help, sex, laughs, art, jobs, free things, food, meals, hugs, smiles, tears, knowledge etc.

All of these things people can and sometimes will walk along side me. But many of my happiness is mine and mine alone for myself, because they cannot feel my feelings.

I see such a beauty in that, that life is really all about you. And in my life its all about how I feel, because no one else will ever know what it feels like to be me experiencing this life. There is such a secret beauty to that.

But since everyone cannot experience our true loves and happiness’s all the time that DOES NOT take away from amazing moments, that does not make them less real. People think sometimes that if no one knows this or that, that its not important, since as humans we like to be all shouty and say “LOOK AT MEEEE!!” (marriage for instance). But the lovely feelings you feel and the happiness you get from certain things, is so important, and in those times we can really see how important we are to ourselves.

– Trev


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