Your Way – By Trevor Martin


Your way – By Trevor Martin

I talk a lot, I give a fair amount of advice and I make videos and some hip-hop music to help others live more happier lives. Yet, this is my way, this is how I see the world, this is how I view it through my eyes. The words I speak are by no means “the way to live” or “the way you ‘should’ think”. I am by no means the person with the answers to life, I’m lost too lol. All I do know is that I have an opinion, and I like to share it with people, that’s it.

Its all ok, really there is not one way to treat life. You don’t have to see things the way I do, or be happy all the time, or be happy at all, it is all whatever you want it to be to you friend.

Some speak of people being “awakened” as if that makes them smarter or more of a person than you. As if they have life down more than you do, when that is not the case. Awakened is a term people like to use to make themselves feel higher up than others. Truth to me though, is that there is no such thing, you need not ever feel like you are less than someone else or that you are not smart enough or as “awake” as another. There is nothing to achieve here, there is no point of “enlightenment” to reach. If there was, if there is, then that would mean that there truly are dumb people, and truly are people who deserve more respect than others out there. I myself do not like to see the world as such. I do not like to think that any person is a waste of a body, or that someone deserves kindness and respect more then another.

When we place people of higher minds, people with more money, people who are happier, or people that seem to be more “awake” than others in a box that says “I deserve more than someone else”, that quickly turns into a world of game, one gets more than the other so they feel they have more of a right to live on this rock, I do not like to see it that way. If anything I think people come with different traits, I think we all like to approach life differently, but I dont think people do it better than others, and I don’t think people are smarter or more “awake” than others. I just think they choose to approach life differently, doesn’t make them special one bit.

You see?

To me, its not about money, its not about wearing a uniform with a badge on it, its not about living in a penthouse. Its not about Christ being the only way, its not about always being happy and funny. Its not about having the best smelling vagina, or the figure to die for. Its not about a social life, its not about how many friends you can accumulate, its not about having a perfect family, living a Brady Bunch lifestyle. Its not about how much sexy time you have, not about having the most muscles. Its not about being sober all the time..

These are not how life has to be, this, these ideas and ways, are not the way to happiness, these are not something everyone can achieve or even have the urge to achieve. These thoughts are just paths, temporary motions in the mix of the grand mystery. But if you do not follow religion, I would ask, who said we have to be any certain way?

So, when looking at your life and thinking you have to be something more than you are, thinking there is something you lack so much on that you are less than another or less worthy, or not smart enough, these thoughts are poison. There is no one way, there is only your way.

You can be a bitch if you like. You can choose to hit every squirrel driving down the road instead of dodging them, it doesn’t fucking matter. Doesn’t make you less of a person because you prefer to masturbate with peanut butter rather than lubriderm. You can be HUGE, and guzzle food by the gallons, your tummy may hurt, but it does not mean you are doing “it” wrong.

Sure, if you choose a certain way to live, everyone is not going to agree, but that is not your job to worry about them. And to go further it is totally ok if people like to do things differently, that is what makes this world unique. But the thing to do is just be, be you, be angry, be hairy, be happy all the time, be healthy, have fungus on your toes, it all just is. And in my opinion there is not one way to mess up, just live. And to the ones who chose to not live, the ones who chose to leave this world, well that too was what they wanted to do, they should not be looked at as weaker or less smart than the rest of us..

To me it is just a movie, and everyone must play their role. In the grand scheme we are all actors, who all get payed the same in the end. We live, and we all die, that’s it.

Hmmmm that’s really all I got at the moment



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