The Day You Become Visible – By Trevor Martin


We live in a world where it seems we often feel unlike anyone. A world where we often times feel alone in a room full of people. A world where we feel like an alien dropped off in an unknown place. Yet, every so often in our lives someone comes along and seems to make those thoughts disappear.

I always say to take risks. You never know what tomorrow will bring. You never know the direction a relationship with a person may go. But, if you find someone who sees you, I mean sees inside of you, sees you for who you are, you should walk next to that person for however long it is that you are supposed to be together.

We run, we search, we fret and worry over finding someone, whether it be a friend or mate. Someone who will see us for who we know we are. Yet, sometimes it seems that the person who will see you, is the person who you have been blind to the whole time.

The feeling of knowing you can be yourself, the feeling that what you express will be taken in, the feeling of knowing you are cared for, for what really matters.

A time when you no longer feel alone because you know someone is there who sees you. You were invisible before they came along. Now all of the sudden you can be in a room full of people and everyone else seems to be invisible except them.

Perhaps it is a time when you go from invisible to the only ones who are visible to each other.

Almost as if you where a ghost, a ghost floating through life, trying to interact with the living and only being able to flicker the lights or rustle the leaves. Yet, one day someone that was living passes away. All of the sudden, they can see you, and you can see them. A world full of beings and yet it seems there are only two of you there, connected in a way no one else will be able to see, but you know, and they know, and really… that’s all you two need to know, its all that seems to matter.

And feelings, what the heck are those??!! lol. I too find myself bouncing in and out of emotional roller coasters of what I think I want out of my life. Yet, in a moments time, we may find ourselves with an outpouring of emotions that we never did expect. Doesn’t matter why, doesn’t matter when, all that matters is, it is, and those feelings are there.

Allow yourself to open, allow yourself to be seen.

Much love all

– Trev


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