The Real Story Of Jesus Christ – By Trevor Martin




Christ, who was he?

He sold pizzas bro, a long long time ago. He was so good at it that they called him “Crust” for pizza crust. As time went on the telephone game changed the story of this man, here we are today and the famous pizza maker “Crust” is now known as Christ. This is the story, the long lost story of Christ. Who was he? A great man, a great man who knew how to roll his doe.

By “bringing a sword”, he meant that pizza was everywhere. He meant that it needed to be sliced and one could not be “full” without slicing and eating their pizza. Sinners also is derived from the old Latin word “dinner”, which means to eat. So when he was talking about sinners burning in hell, he was actually talking about cooking a pizza dinner and using the sword to cut it.When Christians speak of “being saved”, what this actually stemmed from is the idea that all pizza must be saved, for if we waste the pizza, someone goes hungry

And when they said ” Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior”, they actually meant ” Jesus’s pizza crust I must savor”. We all know the scriptures have been tampered with. This is just one of the issues here, it began as a menu, a food menu, created by the famous Italian pizza maker Cheesus Crust. Whose father was actually Super Mario, hence why they called his dad “God” because everyone knew he was super, just a simple misunderstanding.

Thank Christ when the pizza is sliced!!!!


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