The frequency of the mind – By Trevor Martin




I’ve noticed that peoples ideas and truths change from moment to moment. Furthermore I’ve noticed that the makeup of ones thoughts will completely be different from one moment to the next. This is not a negative statement, actually it is more advantageous to know.

Is it that people do not know themselves, or is it that in the moment they really believe what they are saying?

The idea is to know that thoughts are illusory and fleeting. The idea is to know that like a radio, our brain is a transmitter receiving signals from the world and relaying them through thought and then voice and or actions. But as a television, from one moment to the next things will shift completely, from show to multiple different commercials having nothing to do with each other, for instance.

This is not to say do not believe anyone, but it is to say not to believe anyone hahah. And a book I like to speak a lot about would be “The Four Agreements” again. This is why the author says do not take anything personally. You do not know where the persons mind will be in the next moment, or even their motives.

To go further when we see this in ourselves we will also know not to take our own thoughts so seriously. If we can do this we will not be caught up in the mind of madness and uncertainty. There is a level of “being in alignment” with who we want to be that comes when we can differentiate what thoughts are our own, that we want to “run with” and what thoughts are only being received by our transmitter and need not be “tuned into” so much.

If we can look at ourselves and others as simply receivers projecting an outside image, we can not hold so much against ourselves and others, knowing that it is not the easiest thing to reprogram a “machine” that has been “updated” since we were born.

Just mind the mind

– Trev


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