The Movie, The Plot ,The Actor And Director – By Trevor Martin



2 Corinthians 9:6 (English Standard Version)

“The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

Our mind state, perception and actions that we take are the culmination of the things we have experienced in our own life movie.

Picture a movie like Requiem For A Dream, a dark, dramatic, sad tale. Now, if right in the middle of the movie it changed gears and became a comedy, it would offset the whole image of the film. Imagine, one moment a person is over dosing on drugs and then the next moment the scene changes to Jim Carrey using his butt to say ” May I ass you a few questions”. This, in a movie , would be horrible. Stuck, this image of being stuck in a story that cannot be altered comes to mind.

Look at “real” life for a moment. Changing, molding and shaped from one moment to the next, literally changing gears in the blink of an eye. So, then why is it that we allow ourselves to get stuck in one “scene” never letting go and moving forward? Life is non linear, it is not like a movie where the story has to remain on the same level the whole time.

Most people, just like the progression of a movie, will keep the subject matter the same and never change out of whatever story they have placed themselves in. As if the reprogramming of the story will alter and affect the movie in some negative way. As if we are the worst director in a movie we create ourselves. This is like no movie ever written, its real, you make the rules, and it can change and still be awesome. Each moment we have a choice to switch from angry to happy, romance to porno, spiritual to skeptical, lonely to feeling complete.

It is funny because you always hear people say ” I did not want this, why does this keep happening to me??!!”. Yet, they allow their story to progress in the same fashion of it’s past. Why do I think many great men are “friend zoned”? Because many women are very used to looking for heart breaking tough guys, who in turn will end up treating them with no respect. Perhaps it is the strength in those type of men, or the loving what they cant have idea, but women often love these type of heartless men. So, they get into a relationship and are often left in the dust, over and over and over again, always leading back to that quote heard so often ” I can never find a man who treats me right, they always leave”.

Their story though, is like a linear movie. All they know is pain, all they know is not being loved, so not because they love it, but becasue its all they know, they will not see the good men come into their lives, either they don’t feel worthy, or they just cant see. Chasing the ones who keep running, calling the ones who never answer or respond and having sex with the ones who do not deserve the vagina. And a lot of good men( like myself) are single knowing the type of men women are going for.

We tend to re-live the same moments over and over again, if you look, you will see.

This goes for “drama” too and with friendships. People run around with the same type of people who mistreat them and who cause a bunch of trouble. Wondering why they are left alone on Friday nights, why they are getting in fights all the time, why their “friends” are sleeping with their significant others, so on and so forth. Yet the movie is a drama, the movie is about someone who is treated poorly, and it all feeds into “poor me, why me, look what is always DONE TO ME!!”. Yet, that person will continue to hang with the same crowds, or leave and find more shady folks to be with. This is also why people stay at jobs they hate and keep going to others that always stress them out, the movie cant change, deep down, the people who stay in situations, want to be there, they don’t want to offset the tone of the movie.

Can you see now how the movie must change in order for you to change your circumstance? Can you see that you are unhappy dating because of the people YOU choose to date? Can you see that your “friends” are only around when there is a party because you chose people who only care about superficial things? Can you see that in order for things to be different the director(you) must change the film, it must be rewritten!

Have you ever seen the books called eye spy? Life is like that. There are various things to see, and only what you focus on will be seen. If you can notice the better parts of life, or the parts of your life that you want more of, you can focus on those pieces and literally change the script to get more of that. Truth is everyone is an artist, does not matter if they can draw or not. Everyday you artistically draw your life, you have the choice to make it dark or bright, choose to be the artist that makes your life happy.

Truth is you are in a position you placed yourself in, stop saying “Why me, poor me!” and start looking in the mirror saying ” Why haven’t I changed this?”

– Trev 10/13/13



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