The Parable Of Awakening – By Trevor Martin


People do not see that a down side of “awakening” is that people think they have gained more knowledge about the world and themselves but actually have caused a gap between themselves and others. And more so this supposed search to find the inner I, leads us away from the fact we are already there.

I talk to so many who seem lost but feel like they have all the answers. They are in constant denial as bad things keep coming their way. Relationships fail, they feel lost, they begin to run, the world seems darker, their insides grow dim. Yet, it all becomes justified by ” It happened because that person was not awake” or “I planned it that way” or “Im not supposed to be in that situation”.

These people are still just as broken, still just as lost, still do not know themselves, are still trying to change the people around them, are still having relationship issues on many different levels. They still have trust issues, their shit still is not a smell you want to brush your teeth too. Yet through it all, they think they have gained something others seem to be missing. But, if we assume we have to go around changing the world and rearranging everybody, wouldn’t we be assuming God fucked it all up?

You see, there is an innate feeling to be more special then others since the day we break out of our mothers vagina. People fight for our attention, school teaches us that we are better if we get better grades than others. We raise our hands to show the world how much more we know. Our jobs ask us to be more than the next person and that is the way we will get more money. So naturally people seem to want to have this higher knowing because it also,as the days growing up, places them up higher than their peers, or fellow human beings.

The more I look, The more I look at how I became when I started to look at myself as “awake” the more I began to see the narcissism in myself, the more I started to see the self absorbed material ideas of others, and the more I saw that it too, was just another thing to be searched for, with not much to gain. Running, in search of nothing, but more to tell people, but words are fleeting, and the actions of humans are always, sporadic, conflicting, at times with ulterior motives. So why act as if we can hit a spot of “awakening” and then that be it? When we will constantly be changing thoughts and ideals as our lives progress, this is just natural, we are a changing creature.

Can the mind be mastered? Have you met one person who has done so? I used to be mad at religion as it seemed to me to try to tell people that they had to be perfect in order to reach “salvation”, yet even outside of it,it seems people are trying to reach some perfect state, for what? That is not possible. Have you seen aliens, or are you listening to someone else? Are you an alien? Do You know that there are mass graves somewhere for the United states government to bury us after they kill us while putting us under martial law? Are you spreading words of “love and light” but in so much fear that all you can talk about is pain, and how shitty “sheep” and the world are, gmo’s, world war 3, Illuminati, and chem trails?

Go further, I like to smoke weed here and there, this means like maybe twice a year. I drink every so often when I go out, rarely. And I may take LSD if it comes along, which has been once. But many of these people are using spirituality as a catalyst to justify raving and getting blasted out of their minds, everyday, some over dosing and dying even. Is this what awakened means? Is only caring about smoking weed enlightenment? Or is this a huge hidden issue? This also goes for sex, I have no issues with open relationships, as I talk about them in a few of my videos and shows. But, is using spirituality as a crutch to go around fucking everyone a good thing? Are we going to act like disease and emotions will not be involved in such acts? Sex is great, but should it be thought more through? Have we forgot the sacredness of love making?

Do you see? If we go deep down under all the images and “strengths” we build ourselves to have, are we not all just people running around aimlessly in this strange unknown place? So what makes anyone really more awake and stronger than anyone else? Emotions seem to dim also, as strength in the “awakened’s” mind is that nothing bothers them “Love yourself and don’t need others” so they are distant, seem to spread that emotion is weak, love is weak, caring is weak. As if emotions have been shut of like “I’m so spiritual, I’m not ever sad or upset”. Emotions are what we are, when we set those aside, we mine as well be the machine “sheep” we all claim to hate. Do you see how hating something and fearing it causes us to become it?

I read a book about a year ago and I will sum up a small quote, something it said really hit home for me. The author said ” Stop thinking you are special, stop thinking you’ve got things that are better than others, this mind state will push people away from you and will cause you to be alone, do you want to be alone?, Is the life you want to lead away from everyone else?

We, I, they, alienate themselves, and then go to complain that they cannot relate to anyone. Break relationships with people who they think are “lower energies or frequencies”. Funny thing about it is most hate on religion all the time because of the gap it places between “saved” and sinner” yet they also have a huge gap between them and their higher mind and those of the lower life formed sheep animals, they call them. Shifting a love of all to “love of the people who are like me”

Its a completely broken image unattainable. Everyone seems to think they have “found” themselves, when all they have done was find more things outside of themselves to take them away from what is. Why do I call this the parable of awakening? Because Like the words of Jesus, which often when spoke, were not at all understood, “awakening” is something people just made up to use for their own motives, not seeing that we are all lost, and the idea of it too has been misunderstood. And YOU knowing something different than someone else, does not make you anything better than someone else.

I guess I just got to a point where I realized that people, and loving them for who they are, is more important than trying to outsmart them. What a selfish goal. Now, I still watch documentaries, read Eckhart Tolle Books, listen to Coast To Coast Am etc, I just don’t take it and let it absorb into everything I do. But since a lot of things cannot be proven and I have not done the tests myself, I remain skeptic and watch from a distance, never allowing myself to be sucked in to someone else’s ideas of the world. But I do like to hear them.

Just look around, There are a million different theories, ideas and beliefs running around. Are you really going to be so arrogant as to think you’ve got it all figured out?? Or to even think, through all the misconceptions, that you can figure this mystery out?  I will say be open minded, but be an open minded skeptic and try not to believe everything you hear on the TV or from people or YouTube, they are all just opinions and other peoples perspectives.

You honestly do not have to awaken to anything. There is nothing to achieve, you are perfect the way you are, flaws, ideas, and stinky pooh. Ey we are human, humans who are floating on a fucking rock, its cool, it endless, and we have no idea why. Its all kind of frighteningly beautiful.



2 responses to “The Parable Of Awakening – By Trevor Martin

  1. I know I’m special, the sun shines out my arse and I shit rainbows 😉
    Seriously, an excellent article, I rarely sit still long enough to read anything, don’t want to be affected by too many memes!

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