Beautifully Broken – By Trevor Martin


I saw one of the most depressing movies of my life the other day titled Blue Jasmine. Let me ruin it for you lol. This story is about a woman who has a shit life, has everything and then it all comes crashing down on her. Instead of moving on and letting things go, it ruined her.

It seems to me, I know it sounds morbid or emo, that life is a constant stream of being broken and renewed over and over and over again. Does it not seem like that some times?

I spoke to a young man the other day who races bmx. He had a crash one race and ruptured his spleen. I asked him if he had to get surgery and he explained how the spleen kind of splats and then inflates again. It rebuilds itself after being crushed people.

That reminded me of people, we are like the spleen. We get crushed over and over again, but then we rebuild and keep moving, most times stronger than we were before we were shattered, we learn, we grow, at times we love more after a rough ride. But we must allow ourselves to grow from the pain and allow it to make our lives more beautiful or we will fall very deep like the woman from Blue Jasmine the movie.

You see, life’s troubles at times can be like a movie, we pause our lives and get stuck in a moment that sticks with us day in and day out and we relive it all the time. Our lives seem to go on but never did because we are stuck in the paused moment that hurt us.

But we HAVE TO know that no matter what has hurt us, it will not always happen again. Your heart will not always be broken, men wont always cheat on you. Your jobs wont always be bad, you wont always be broke, people will not always walk all over you or stab you in the back.

You must always keep putting yourself out there, over and over again no matter how many times you feel broken. You must not allow yourself to close up. Embrace the break of your heart, when we break, we have a break – through

Bruises are beautiful, they make for better conversation. You know, its the people who have felt pain that have so much more to give and show the world. And they usually know more about the world and the people around them. And if we know someone who is in the depths of hell itself, it is a chance for us too to shine and help them out of there, it is our job as fellow brothers and sisters. We always grow, good or bad, embrace them both and accept the challenge, we all have a warrior within us. Peace yall.

“Be broken and allow yourself to be broke – in, break through, break down and build new” – Trev


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